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Important Message from ESM Cell Delhi Area

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Last Updated On: 08/05/2021

Respected Veterans,

As we approach the sudden surge in pandemic, few measures have been implemented in polyclinics for providing necessary  support during these difficult times.

1. NA will be avlb in PCs post  closing  from 4 pm to 8 am next morning to handle helpline/ phone and guide you for interaction with designated MO or OIC Polyclinic. 

2. Duty MO  has been earmarked and will give consultation telephonically.

3. All active COVID Positive cases identified till now will be spoken to on phone by designated MO. Request kindly update them on your well being and give your requirements if any.

4. Reimbursement Orders for purchase of Medicines have already been promulgated. Please make use of this facility. This measure has been institutionalised primeraly to avoid exposure during visit to Polyclinic.

5. Any suggestions to help you better are welcome.

6. Mob no of OIC Pcs  are given under for your kind reference.

(a)  Col BS Kattarya(Delhi cantt)                9419088505
(b) Col Arun Kumar (Lodhi Rd)                 9868554745
(c) Col Yogesh Kumar(Dundahara)            9871431569
(d) Col Montgomery (Greater Noida)         9582135520
(e) Col SB Bhandari (Timarpur)                 7565816420
(f) Col SK Singh (OD Shakurbasti)             9500016765
(g) Col Vijay Khanna (Noida)                      8826779061
(h) Wg Cdr Jai Prakash (Sohana Rd)         8800280754

Stay safe stay healthy

Delhi Area

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